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Spectacle Lenses

As we are an independent optician, we are able to use a wide range of lens manufacturers enabling us to choose the optimum type of lens for you.
Types of spectacle lens include:

  • Single vision: a lens with the same power all over either for distance or reading prescriptions
  • Bifocals: a lens incorporating two optical corrections with a distinct dividing line. Usually the upper part of the lens is for distance and the lower part for near.
  • Varifocal: also known as progressive lenses have no distinct dividing line on the lens. Instead the power of the lens progresses smoothly from one prescription to the other, enabling the wearer to see clearly at all distances. There are many varifocal designs available to suit the individual. Often a previous unsuccessful varifocal wearer can be converted to a successful one with the right choice of lens.
  • Occupational: are available for VDU users who require multifocal lenses set specifically for the computer distance and near.

All types of lenses with the exception of occupational lenses are available in high index materials which mean that lenses can be made thinner and lighter.

Anti reflection coatings

Spectacle lenses can be provided with anti-reflection coatings which virtually eliminate distracting reflections off the lens surfaces. Reducing reflected light is particularly helpful for computer users and for night driving. Anti-reflection coatings also improve the cosmetic appearance of your glasses and can make thick lenses look thinner.

Hard coating

A clear coating applied to the lens surface to help prevent scratching.

For a list of the lens brands, please click here.