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Drusens are seen through the transparent retina as little yellow spots. They are essentially waste products of retinal metabolism that are present because certain structures surrounding the retina have developed a reduced capacity to process metabolic debris. This seems to be, for the most part, a normal process of growing older. Drusens generally develop in later years; however, exceptions exist. Drusens may or may not be related to a vision problem. However, they bear close watching because they can be related to some vision loss. The visual effect, if any, can be appreciated and demonstrated on the Amsler grid.
The first indication that drusens may present a problem is when you note a distortion in the grid pattern. The grid should appear perfect, with all the lines straight and parallel. If you note any distortion, voids, or wavy lines, notify us immediately. Remember, for the most part drusens are a normal change of growing older and probably will not develop into a problem. However, caution dictates that one should not leave such matters to chance.

Using the Amsler Grid

1. If reading glasses are customarily worn, wear them.
2. Test one eye at a time while closing the other.
3. Look (concentrate) at the central dot and note the surrounding grid pattern. If the
pattern is perfect, you have completed the test. If it is not perfect, mark the area
of imperfection and notify us.
This daily test only takes a few seconds to administer